About Us

Profitec is a privately held, family owned business which has been providing billing and associated services to the resale industry for more than 20 years. In that time, Profitec has supported many hundreds of communications enterprises ranging from the nations largest carriers to smaller entrepreneurial organizations which lean heavily on their vendors.

We have maintained our competitive edge with proper investments in our facilities and in our people. Our 40,000+ square foot facility in Wallingford, CT features a new Tele-Center designed from square one to quickly and professionally meet your outsourcing needs. More importantly, though, is our commitment to our people – and their commitment to you. Our specialists receive continual training and meaningful incentives, all designed to make sure they exceed our clients’ expectations. Our basic credo, “Our clients are our Partners,” is held by every employee from the president down to the newest hire. That’s why your success is our first priority.

This attitude has been with us since the company was founded almost 40 years ago, when Dick Minervino left Bell Telephone and started his own business firm. Originally a telecommunications-consulting firm, Profitec pioneered the call accounting industry to augment the consulting practice. Call accounting also provided obvious budgeting and optimization benefits to American business, and by the early 1970s, we had shifted our focus toward service bureau telecommunications data processing applications. Call accounting, multi-site analysis, toll fraud protection, and corporate-wide traffic engineering analyses were, and in many ways still are, our business mainstay.

In 1986, Emery Worldwide purchased one of AT&T’s first SDN’s and found its billing and reporting inadequate. Again Profitec was called to fill a real need in the industry and by 1988 we were gearing up to service the billing needs of an ever-growing resale industry. Today Profitec is still leading the way in this industry, while helping our clients break their own new ground on the Telecom frontier.