Richard Minervino, Sr. Chairman & CEO

Mr. Minervino is the classic type A entrepreneur, up every morning at 5 AM and on to his exercise machines. He prefers to work holidays and he is more than energetic. He is a very insightful strategist who knows what his customers want.

Starting out over five decades ago in the telecommunications industry, Mr. Minervino had his start at Southern New England Telephone at the top of a manhole @ .85 per hour. He quickly moved through the ranks and became the top salesman. With a burning desire to become an entrepreneur, he borrowed $3,500 from the Telephone Credit Union and founded the first communications consulting practice in the world. He was the first ever in the industry. He traveled all over the world as a Telecommunications Consultant, servicing clients on every continent with the exception of Antarctica. Mr. Minervino was then recruited by the world famous management consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton to establish a communications consulting practice.

He was the first in other areas of business as well. He developed a microwave system across the Island of Puerto Rico circumventing the Puerto Rican Telephone Company before deregulation for Commonwealth Oil, Mitsubishi and Union Carbide. His client list reads like a who’s who of American business: IBM, Dean Witter, Duracell, A.T. Cross, Perrier Group, Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Princeton and others.

He is an innovator, developer and owner of numerous copyrights and patents. He invented and developed call accounting and personally sold it to dozens of insurance companies starting with Phoenix Mutual, Aetna, Conn. Mutual and dozens of others. Also Wall Street firms, major ad agencies such as Ogilvy & Mather, Grey, J. Walter Thompson and others. Oil companies, Fortune 50, 100, 500 and 1000 firms including 86 IBM locations.

He served as a consultant to Leon Hess, Chairman of Amerada Hess, and designed the security facilities and communications facilities for all locations, including the refinery in St. Croix the Virgin Islands. He was also a Consultant to Harold Geneen, the Chairman of IT&T, for IT&T facilities in the Virgin Islands and Central America.

He developed billing and operating support systems for the wireless and long distance resale industries serving NexTel, Citizens Utilities, AT&T, Bell South and hundreds of others. He developed a university student billing system for Harvard University and 51 other colleges and universities.

Mr. Minervino is founder, owner, and CEO of all of the Minervino Companies. His companies have evolved over the years, offering a variety of services as detailed on this Web site. However, his philosophy has always remained the same,

“You can’t go wrong doing the right thing.”

Richard Minervino, Jr. Executive V.P. & COO

Richard Minervino started his career with Profitec, Inc. as a programmer in 1982 when Profitec’s applications were directed towards corporate telecommunications management. The company operated as a data processing vendor specializing in rating and allocating calls to employees within companies.

Realizing a need for improved customer service, he moved into a position of Customer Service Manager, a role in which he defined the roles of the customer service staff. This was prior to Judge Green’s landmark decision to deregulate the long distance industry allowing competition. In the late 1980’s when AT&T created its SDN offering which ultimately launched the Long Distance Resale business, Richard developed an analysis and reporting system for one of Profitec’s larger clients.

Richard worked beside his two brothers, Randal and John; to develop a software package to allow for long distance reseller’s management of back office functions as well as an accompanying call rating and invoice presentment system. This led to Richard’s placement into the role of Billing Manager. The resale industry mushroomed and Profitec grew from a staff of less than 25 employees to the more than 150 that it currently employs.

In the mid 1990’s, Richard again was instrumental in the development of Profitec’s newest billing software system. The new system supports billing applications for a variety of resale markets and Richard was a principal architect of the technologies that support the billing product.

This significant growth allowed for the promotion of Richard to Vice President of operations, a role he still fills in addition to his current position as the Executive Vice President.

Randal Minervino V.P. – Sales & Marketing

Randal Minervino is a founding member of Profitec, Inc., a Connecticut based information technology firm specializing in billing applications for the telecommunications and utility industries. As a member of the board of directors, and Vice President of Sales and Marketing, he has been one of the principal architects of the company’s strategic vision. Serving as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing since the company’s inception, he has been responsible for all new business acquisition and shares in the duties of product development.

Profitec is a pioneer company that had the vision to develop billing solutions which targeted the growing competitive communications market place spawned by the break up of AT&T. The company provides data processing and billing services, as well as creating and implementing client based account management and administrative systems. Profitec implements and customizes client-based systems with in-house software development and engineering resources.

As an industry innovator, Randal Minervino and Profitec have been avid advocates for growth and nationally recognized lobbyists. As initial members of the Telecommunications Marketers Association, the Inter-exchange Resellers Association and the Telecommunications Resellers Association, Randal has spoken at industry trade conferences and represented the industry on panel discussions on State and Federal Regulatory issues.

Prior to his position at Profitec, Randal served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Mountain International Corporation. Owned and operated by Richard Minervino, Sr., the company provided communications consulting and telecommunications data processing for Fortune 500 corporations.

John Minervino V.P. Product Development

John Minervino joined the Profitec team in 1985, learning all aspects of the company operation by progressively assuming positions in the Customer Support, Sales, and Operations areas.

His Business and Marketing background, natural technical ability, and analytical expertise landed him his current position as VP of Product Development. He has been the chief architect of all Profitec client-server, end-user, and Web-based products since 1990. John works closely with a talented, dedicated group of programmers and his two Brothers, Richard and Randy to seamlessly bridge all developed systems between marketing concepts and operational functionality. He also endeavors to remain well informed in the ever-changing communications industry to keep all Profitec products in a leadership position.

John is a graduate of the Choate School and The University of Connecticut where he holds a BS in Marketing. He is an avid long distance runner and routinely participates in several marathon races each year.

John resides in Wallingford, CT with his wife, Yvette.