Technical Capabilities

Profitec’s first-generation billing applications, developed in the mid to late 1980s were created to operate in Profitec’s IBM Mainframe data processing shop. As an early pioneer and distributed processing applications, Profitec developed and marketed PC-based customer service components which provided real-time database management information. In the early 1990s, taking advantage of PC network capabilities, Profitec released its 2nd generation billing applications designed specifically for the server-based environment.

During the mid to late 1990s, Profitec redeveloped all of its software applications which were specifically engineered to embrace the Microsoft Suite of tools and operate in a Windows environment. Increasingly, wherever it provided a practical application, Profitec incorporated the Internet as a means to perform a critical task such as the transmission of database content and support of real-time conveyance of necessary information regarding activations, credit scoring, and electronic payments as well as the movement of costed and un-costed information. In support of its core OmniBill application, Profitec developed a full array of web-based offerings which served critical business functions such as e-commerce, CRM and customer care, electronic bill presentment and payment, and sales channel support.

Currently, Profitec is nearing completion of its 4th technical overhaul and complete system rewrite. All supporting applications have been entirely redeveloped in the .net environment and the vast majority of Profitec’s main application, OmniBill, has currently been redeveloped in .net as well.

Profitec’s production processes and all printing and mail services are performed at our corporate headquarters in a sophisticated, state of the art facility which, along with all telecenter operations are supported by gas-powered electric generators in the unlikely event of a devastating power outage. Profitec provides its services on a service bureau basis while providing hosted or licensed versions of many of our systems.

For those clients electing to use Profitec Business Services as its complete Back Office provider, the job of interfacing the database with Profitec Billing is performed on the clients’ behalf. Even though clients may be outsourcing their Back Office, they are not denied reports, information, and even direct access to the secure servers operated at our facility on their behalf. Clients always have assurances of accurate billing and a complete view into the total picture of the status of revenue collection.