Business Services

Profitec’s quality management program is known internally as QA&C (Quality Assurance and Control). This program is founded on the principal that accountability is key to problem resolution and Profitec endeavors always to put the right person with the right skill in the right position. Profitec has full-time customer service monitors whose positions cross assignments and team boundaries to ensure consistency. The Director of Customer Service is responsible for overseeing successful servicing of inbound and outbound calling, ensuring compliance with standards as well as all fulfillment service.

The Director of Customer Service is joined in high level management with three executive counterparts. The Director of Administration oversees individuals responsible for the creation of and adherence to methods and procedures and is also responsible for performance analysts who are charged with reporting to each individual client. The Director of Operations oversee the Business Managers who are responsible for account team supervision, database management and provisioning personnel. The Business Managers also interface with the Profitec Billing Manager who oversees supervisors who in turn oversee Production personnel assigned to individual billing accounts. The last of four director level staff members is the Director of Training and Development who is responsible for overseeing client specific training programs.

All Director level staff meet with the General Manager every other day to discuss any issues or challenges that any client may have and to oversee the implementation of problem resolution actions. Director level personnel engage in weekly issue calls with all clients and are also available for on demand discussions. Each of the subordinate level personnel in Profitec’s QA&C are tasked with responsibilities and are accountable via checks, balances and other reporting measures which ensure adherence to policy. The successful implementation of this program is the responsibility of Director level staff overseen by the General Manager. This program ensures that each subordinate level has free access to the next highest level in the chain of command and can submit suggestions for improvement directly to the senior management team.

Clients have found our firm to be relatively easy to do business with because of the free and open access to decision making personnel. We are currently engaged in weekly conference calls between Profitec staff and client staff. This ensures that everyone involved has their finger on the pulse of outstanding projects. In these calls, action plans are created to address forward going issues as well as back and forth status provided on existing and outstanding issues. Profitec employs a “cradle to grave” approach. Profitec can support everything from the initial activation of a customer all the way to hard collections in the event of a customer turned down for non-payment. Being aware that losing customers is the last thing any client wants, Profitec has also increased focus on “win-back” campaigns which attempt to recover forward going revenues from a client originally seeking to do business elsewhere.