Customer Care Services

Profitec employs a staff of knowledgeable, professional Customer Care Specialists. They are very knowledgeable about the telecommunications industry and are equipped to handle end user inquiries through ongoing training and the assignment of increasingly complex tasks. Profitec’s Customer Care Specialists will be trained on the client’s goals and objectives, as well as products and services. The Customer Care staff will respond to end-user inquiries utilizing a client specific Standard Operating procedure. These procedures will be updated, as needed, to suit the client’s ongoing business needs.

The following activities will be provided by Profitec’s Customer Care:

  • 800# answered in the client company’s name
  • Immediate problem resolution
  • Processing of trouble reporting
  • Respond to general inquiries
  • Processing of address and service changes
  • Processing of requests for adds, changes, deletes
  • Document each call in the Note section of the billing system
  • Respond to written inquiries
  • Respond to end-user requests for cancellations – attempt to save the account
  • Writes and mail welcome letters where applicable
  • Mails calling cards to end-users where applicable
  • Communicates to end-users where necessary, generates and sends reports on activities to the Customer