Database Management & Service Order Processing

Profitec’s expert Technical Specialists will perform database management and service order processing functions daily to ensure quick and efficient processing of the client company’s account activity. Profitec will also interact daily with the client’s service providers to ensure the database contains the most up-to-date information.

Profitec’s Technical Specialists will provide the following activities:

  • Create a new database where applicable.
  • Build and maintain database structure (rate tables, commission tables, messages, etc)
  • Build new accounts into database.
  • Update database on adds, changes and deletes
  • Transmit and communicate to carrier(s) or service providers for adds, changes, and cancellations.
  • Process account status reporting to and from carrier(s) and service
  • Work the rejected accounts through to activation. Resubmits rejected accounts.
  • Follow-through on trouble reporting and problem resolution with Carrier(s) and Service Provider(s).
  • Prepare bill runs and follows through to billing and mailing of invoices.
  • Send all available reports to the Customer on activity associated with monthly billing.