Press Release – February 24th, 2008

Contact: Randal W. Minervino
Title: Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Contact Information:
(203) 679-7000 ext. 7010
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Profitec Unveils Major Enhancements to

Profitec Billing Services (booth 813) announces the availability of two significant enhancements to its product line. Profitec’s newest releases underscore their commitment to ongoing development which keeps its products current from both a functionality and technology perspective. As a part of this effort, Profitec is unveiling a real time web service or API designed to keep the system in sync with activities performed outside of the billing system through associated applications.

OmniBill’s newest application, ORLS (On-line Record Loading Service) is an interface less program or service operating on a web facing server. This web service will accept real time order requests from authenticated client systems. Real time actions that can be performed, are new account additions, new service requests by existing customers, activation/de-activation requests, and account service modifications. Each order action has defined parameter lists that are necessary to complete the action request. The web service will return an immediate response to the client system indicating the processing request success or failure.

Profitec provides the expertise, set up work, cabling and environmentals, as well as the daily database back up. Clients can now be operational in days. OmniBill ASP is offered as an alternative to the more traditional OmniBill application. While all other facets of the client/Profitec relationship remain the same.

“ORLS fills many needs expressed by some of our clients,” states Randy Minervino, Profitec’s VP of Marketing, “We have many clients who operate their own VoIP equipment or which provide other network platforms which allow client self direction.”

End users operating service portals or other client provided self care platforms have a need to reflect changes in the database in real time. Whether it is something as simple as an end user changing their billing preferences, updating a credit card for payment processing, or redirecting their feature complement on their telephone set, ORLS will allow this to happen instantaneously and operating unattended. ORLS is a complete application which processes all service types supported by

In addition to the web service, Profitec will be demonstrating powerful improvements to the reporting capabilities of Produced as a stand alone browser based application, or as an executive dashboard item in, all system reporting has been concentrated into the Data Intelligence Center.

The Data Intelligence Center consolidates all system reporting into a single program area which provides consolidated reporting in the areas of database content, finance, credit and collections, work tickets and direct SQL query. All system reports have been redone using Sequel reporting functions and Microsoft tools. Using the Data Intelligence Center a system user could connect from any computer that can achieve Internet access to derive desired information directly from the billing system. The system has security safeguards and uses password access which is controlled through the master billing system. Without a requirement to be trained on the billing system proper, a business owner can derive traffic reports, sales managers can view sales activity in real time, finance staff can run a dunning report, and installation techs can work action tickets.

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