Press Release – October 2nd, 2011

Contact: Randal W. Minervino
Title: Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Contact Information:
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Profitec’s OmniBill supported by release of new two way API

Profitec Billing Services, Inc, a Wallingford, CT based billing service bureau, booth 207 is unveiling their newest API product rollout, ORLS. The Online Record Logistical Service is a two way, always on web service which is attached directly to a clients OmniBill master billing database. ORLS acts as an intermediary between any custom client front-end application and the billing system database.

Communication to and from ORLS is completely industry standard XML based eliminating cross system compatibility hurdles. The system is fully two way allowing data extraction as well as record loading for a variety of areas including master account level, lines, services, features, equipment and technical line information. ORLS supports activation, deactivation and change functionality for all areas. Additional system methods allow for the direct extraction of billing cycle-end information as well as full payment processing functionality directly to the master OmniBill database.

“In working with our customers we discovered that the billing system needs are a little more sophisticated in today’s challenging and competitive environment” states Randy Minervino, Profitec’s VP Sales and Marketing. “Customers are using the billing system in conjunction with outside CRM systems and other sales operating systems as extensions of the presale effort and are looking for direct connection with the billing database. Many of the sales being made today require extensive implementation effort and engineered organizational planning. Much of this aspect of the client turn up is being handled by custom client configured systems expressly created to handle complex task assignment. ORLS enables those systems to perform real time interaction of the billing system with the results of the sales effort to minimize manual updating. Additionally, many of those same clients wish to utilize their CRM systems to handle front line Customer Service interactions so ORLS supports fetch calls to bring the specific account data to the CRM in real time.”

ORLS works in conjunction with other functionality inherent in OmniBill to update outside applications such as provisioning activity at the switch or on the network platform, to enable a remote work force’s access to the billing database to perform account record updates and resolve trouble tickets, hand off order info to fulfillment centers and the updating of accounting systems with general ledger and other financial information.

Profitec Billing Services, Inc. is a Wallingford, Connecticut based billing and back office services provider which designs and develops its own proprietary line of OSS/BSS applications. Profitec is a family owned and operated company which has been serving communications marketers since 1986.

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