Profitec Unveils Upgraded OMNIBILL Solution

By Chris Garifo

Wallingford, Conn. – based Profitec, Inc. (Booth 717) will announce the latest upgrade to its Omnibill integrated OSS system during the ASCENT 2001 Spring Conference and Exhibition in Dallas.

Version 7.4 represents the most significant upgrade scheduled for 2001, said Randal Minervino, Profitec’s vice president of sales and marketing.

Among the enhancements in the upgrade is a Login console that will present system users with statistical information on all of their outstanding action items, such as what items were missed, which are due that day, which are due the next day, and which are due during the next 10 days.

“It’s sort of an action planner,” Minervino said. “That’s pretty big because Omnibill provided statistical information and oversight to administrators only. Administrators could dole out work assignments, and they could monitor what has been done and what hasn’t, but system users didn’t have a similar capability to track their own events.”

The latest version also will separate DSL service into its own category to allow better back-end financial reporting and better presentation of the billing information. More importantly, it also provides for a rich set of service order information, which is necessary to provision DSL orders right from the Omnibill product. The software supports all DSL flavors, Minervino added.

Version 7.4 includes a revamping of VisiBill’s inherent functionality to provide exact image view and reprint functions. The storage space needed for invoices is reduced because VisiBill takes the exact image file that was mounted in Profitec’s in-house print facility, parses the file into separate files for each customer, then compresses all the white space so that storage of the document is a fraction of its former size, Minervino says. He said a 13gig file can become about 2gig after compression.

Currently in beta testing and expected for a summer release is the OmniCare customer-care module, which will provide access to customer information via a web browser, so customer service representatives are not restricted to a single location, such as a call center, Minervino said.

Development is currently under way for the addition of self-care capability to the OmniView electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) system, Minervino added.

Reprinted with permission from Phone+ Magazine
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